The Indianapolis Colts played the Detroit Lions on Sunday and, surprisingly, Andrew Luck did not throw an interception! I legitimately like Andrew Luck so I am actually happy about this development, but if he keeps this up, I may need to change the name of this website. Sadly, despite his last minute heroics and overall general good play, the Colts lost to the Lions, who didn’t have Calvin Johnson, since he’s retired and working on his dance skills on Dancing with the Stars, and is quarterbacked by Matthew Stafford. I like Matthew Stafford, but if I were the Colts quarterbacked by Andrew Luck and I lost to Matthew Stafford, I would ask myself what am I doing wrong? I don’t know if this means the Lions really may be above average this season or if the Colts are still kind of terrible, but I’m just saying. I would ask the question.

Additional Notes:

My sister suggested that I name this post “The Neckbeard Returns/Return of the Neckbeard.” That was an awesome idea.