Sunday is Back to Being My Favorite Day

I love Sunday during football season because there are so many games and I have Sunday Ticket (which, while expensive, is totally worth it). There were some pretty good games this past Sunday. We had the Saints vs. the Raiders, the Chargers vs. the Chiefs, the Bills vs. the Ravens and, of course, the Patriots vs. the Cardinals. I would mention the Vikings vs. the Titans because I love Marcus Mariota and am interested to see what Sam Bradford will do in Minnesota, but Bradford didn’t play and overall the game wasn’t that interesting. We shall see what Bradford will do against the Packers next game.

Let’s start with the Saints vs. the Raiders. This game was interesting for two reasons. First, everyone thinks the Raiders are really going to do something special this season. They have beefed up on defense and Derek Carr is pretty good. However, this game really showed me that Drew Brees is still amazing and the Saints are supremely lucky to have him. The last drive he led prior to losing due to a missed field goal was masterful. He is so accurate and gets the ball out so fast, it has to frustrate defenses. This also showed me that, despite Rob Ryan’s departure, the Saints still have a Rob Ryan defense, which is not a good thing. The Saints should probably work on defense. I hope the Saints can get it together because New Orleans is such a fabulous city and wonderful sports town.

The Bills vs. Ravens game was interesting because now we see the Ryan brothers together coaching the Bills (Rex and Rob). If the addition of Rob Ryan isn’t nepotism, I don’t know what is because his track record in New Orleans does not seem to qualify him for the job, but I digress. I really wanted the Bills to win this game mostly because, as a Steelers fan, I loathe the Ravens, but also because the Bills deserve something good for once and they seemingly have all the pieces in place. They have a decent quarterback they can continue to develop, they have a good defense and they have a decent running game. Lesean McCoy seems like he might be alright this season. But unfortunately, the Bills have Rex Ryan as a coach. Rex Ryan is the Donald Trump of coaches. He talks a big game and a whole lot, but seems to know nothing. After losing four Super Bowls in a row, the Bills haven’t been back to the playoffs in over a decade and I highly doubt the Ryan brothers will lead them there. Buffalo is cold…the people deserve at least a playoff appearance.

I mention the Chargers vs. the Chiefs because I have no idea how the Chargers lost this game. They were up 27-3, then all of a sudden they were tied, then all of a sudden they lost. The Chiefs pulled off their largest comeback in team history. I don’t know what this means for the Chargers, but I bet Phillip Rivers was somewhere swearing to himself without cursing after the game.

I will have to write about the Patriots vs. the Cardinals in a separate post, but I will say, I am sad the Cardinals lost this game. Not only because I can’t stand the Patriots, but because I want to see Larry Fitzgerald win. Larry Fitzgerald is a wide receiver for the Cardinals and he’s extremely talented. Fitzgerald has also announced that this will be his last year. It’s sad seeing very talented guys in the NFL never win.

Additional Notes:

Jameis Winston seemed sharp against the Falcons and the Falcons defense seemed to forget how to tackle.

The Raiders coach has some serious balls going for a 2 point conversion when they could have tied the game with a kick.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens defense look great, which pisses me off.

Tyrod Taylor has clearly been watching film on Russell Wilson. Also, Taylor and Flacco exchanging jerseys was adorable.

The Cowboys lost…yay!

I need the Texans to keep up their winning streak. I’m trying to win some money in Vegas.