The Seahawks are Blessed by God


There is no other explanation for why they won their season opener against the Miami Dolphins. The Seahawks literally had one job this offseason…to fix their offensive line. The Seahawks have been able to ignore their offensive line since Russell Wilson became their starting quarterback. This is because Russell Wilson is hard to catch and slippery like a eel. Russell Wilson should have been sacked so many more times than he has been, which is saying a lot about Wilson, because he has been sacked a lot. However, based on the Seahawks’ performance on Sunday, it appears that once again Wilson is behind a line of cardboard box cutouts of offensive linemen and this time may have finally paid the price. During one play, he was caught and his ankle stepped on (surprisingly inadvertently) by Ndamukong Suh. He was gimpy for the rest of the game and never quite played like himself. However, since the Seahawks are blessed by God, the ball always bounced their way. The Dolphins missed field goals, Ryan Tannehill could only find the end zone once and there were tons of dropped passes. One pass to Kenny Stills was so perfect it was almost like Tannehill walked it over and handed it to him, and he still dropped it. I actually felt bad for Tannehill on that play because it is clear he has been working on his accuracy in the offseason. Throwing a perfectly accurate deep ball has never really been his strength and to have it dropped when, if it would have been caught would have been a guaranteed touchdown, has to be disappointing. I see why the Saints traded Kenny Stills.

Even though the Seahawks are clearly blessed by God, credit has to be given to their defense, which looks excellent this year. The new additions to the team seem to be fitting in and working out nicely. Cassius Marsh had an amazing game and DeShawn Shead seems to be the solution the team has been looking for at cornerback across from Richard Sherman.

Credit also must be given to Russell Wilson. I do not believe Russell’s middle name is Carrington; the “C” has to stand for Clutch. After starting slow and getting stepped on by 305 lbs of Suh, Russell, playing on one leg, led the Seahawks to a fantastic comeback late in the fourth quarter.  This shows what I have always thought, which is you cannot make up for toughness. That man is tough and doesn’t quit. I think the Dolphins defense thought they had him after he became gimpy. You saw players grabbing for his ankles when they went for sacks, but nope. You can never count Russell out.

This brings me to an issue I have had with the Seahawks since I began to really follow them. Why do they have to make everything so difficult? Why can’t they just have a blowout win and move on? This game should have been a walk in the park for a team that plays some of the fiercest teams in the league every year, but they always have to turn games into a nail biter. The final score was 12-10, but it easily could have been 12-20 Dolphins. I like this team because they are interesting, incredibly talented and have my favorite player, Earl Thomas III, but man. You can’t almost lose to Ryan Tannehill. That is no way to start the season.

Additional Notes:

Cassius Marsh is a beast that Jakeem Grant doesn’t want to meet again. That play on special teams was just mean. Marsh essentially told Grant, nope, you do not pass GO, you do not collect $200.

Ryan Tannehill seeming shocked at the noise level at CenturyLink field was confusing. Him trying to shush the crowd was also confusing.

The Dolphins defense may actually be the real thing this year.

Russell needs to stop being greedy. His interception was downright inexplicable.

Arian Foster still got it.

Russell and Doug Baldwin still seem connected. Now they need to make real use of Jimmy Graham.

Bradley Sowell needs to get it together.