The Indianapolis Colts played the Denver Broncos on Sunday and Andrew Luck was out there doing Andrew Luck things once again. For the first three quarters, he wasn’t the worst, but he wasn’t good and he definitely didn’t look like a player worth his salary ($122,970,000 over 5 years with $87,000,000 guaranteed). Then came the fourth quarter where he completely bombed. He threw a pick-six and had a strip sack fumble, caused by none other than Von Miller, that was returned for a touchdown. Chuck Pagano has always seemed frustrated with Luck’s inability to protect the ball and he made some poor decisions with the ball on Sunday that Pagano uncharacteristically called Luck out on during his post-game press conference. ┬áIn addition to not protecting the ball, Luck was pretty inaccurate all night, which was very different from his performance the week before. I understand why the Colts overpaid Luck this offseason. Good quarterbacks are hard to come by (just ask the Browns, Jets, Jaguars, Bears, Texans, 49ers, etc.) and Luck has tremendous upside. When he’s good, he’s really really good, but he’s so damn inconsistent. It has to be frustrating for coach Pagano and that showed this Sunday.

There’s really not much to say about the Colts defense. They weren’t very good, but at the same time, they are nursing quite a few injuries. The Broncos defense was as stifling as it was last season. Trevor Siemian was oooook, but your job is made a lot easier when you have the quarterback on the other team giving you 14 points. As of now, I do not see the Colts doing much this season, but it is really too early to tell.

Additional Notes:

Von Miller is worth every penny the Broncos paid him this off-season.