Seahawks are Off to Another Slow Start to Another Season

This game actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be given Russell Wilson’s injury and the Seahawks offensive line going against the Rams defense. I honestly just didn’t want him to die or get knocked out for the season, so I guess I can thank God for small miracles. However, this is the second time the team didn’t score a touchdown and this time it was against a team that got torched by the Blaine Gabbert led 49ers a week before (the game where the Rams also failed to score a single point).

There really isn’t much to say about this game because it resembled the Seahawks outing against the Dolphins. The offensive line was terrible. Gimpy Russell Wilson was struggling to dodge defenders and there was absolutely no run blocking. Thomas Rawls went nowhere the entire game. On the defensive side, the Seahawks played well, as usual, although they did let Case Keenum move the ball quite a bit. For some reason, Case Keenum is now 2 for 2 against the Seahawks, which is inexplicable, but here we are.

Overall this game was boring. There were no touchdowns, a few field goals and a bunch of punts. After the Rams showing against the 49ers, I really didn’t expect them to win this game, but again here we are. We shall see what the season holds for both of these teams.

Additional Notes:

The Seahawks offense clearly relies too much on Russell’s mobility. Even when he wants to get the ball out quickly, he doesn’t usually have open receivers to get the ball to.

I’m sure Tom Cable is a nice guy, but the team may want to look into a personnel change at offensive line coach. They can’t block, they can’t protect and the entire game they just looked flat out confused.

The Rams continuing to start Case Keenum makes me wonder what is going on with Jared Goff.

The Rams defense seemed more disciplined this game as compared to their last game, where they acted like a bunch of fools.

All of the teams in the NFC West are now 1 and 1. This should be an interesting division to watch this season.