When Will Jay Cutler Stop Being Jay Cutler?

I just do not know where to begin with the Eagles vs. Bears game. I mean…just…sigh. Jay Cutler is too old and has been in the league too long to be this dumb as a quarterback. I just don’t get it. Cutler’s first actual interception of the night was just stupid. I say his first actual interception because he should’ve been intercepted a few times before that. Then he lost a fumble because, of course he did, that was recovered by Philly. After getting booed by Chicago fans probably because they are seeing the same ish they have been seeing from him since he became the quarterback, he exited the game with a potential hand injury. Brian Hoyer, who is a testament to how quarterback thirsty teams are, took over the reins for Chicago and during his first drive, the Bears lost another fumble.

I knew the Bears were a work in progress given that even after 10 years in the NFL, Jay Cutler still hasn’t put it together and that their backup quarterback situation always leaves much to be desired, but ugh. I thought John Fox could turn it around for Cutler. He showed flashes of intelligence in the position on the field, but sadly, it seems that won’t happen. Also, given his age and how much he costs, it looks like no other team would be interested in picking him up, so the Bears are essentially up ish creek without a paddle with him.

Separately, the Eagles look like they could be a contender this year. The defense looks good and Carson Wentz played really well yet again in his second start.┬áHe looked very comfortable on the field and certainly didn’t look like the rookie he is. It looks like Philly made the right decision to trade with the Browns to get him. It also looks like, despite their off-season personnel changes, the Browns are still run by a bunch of dummies making dumb decisions.

Additional Notes:

Jay Cutler is just always going to be Jay Cutler. He’s always going to make maybe one amazing throw that makes you think “wow how did he do that?” Then he’ll throw a million interceptions, fumble a bunch and lose all of them and then sit on the sideline looking like he just took a valium and just can’t be bothered.

Carson Wentz looks like he might be the real deal for the Eagles and I can see why they chose him over the much more expensive Sam Bradford.

Eddie Royal is the real MVP for the Bears. He’s still a hell of a return specialist.

Sexy Rexy strikes again! The former defensive coordinator for the Bills, Jim Schwartz, who turned the Bills defense into the 4th ranked defense in the league, was run out of Buffalo by Rex Ryan. He is now with the Eagles, who just destroyed the Bears on defense. Buffalo now has, according to last year’s rankings, the 19th ranked defense and are 0-2 to start the season. The Eagles are 2-0.

Poor Bears fans…looks like it’s going to much of the same.

Poor John Fox…he looked so exasperated with Cutler and his team’s overall poor play.

Poor Bills fans…good luck with sexy Rexy.