Caaaam oh Cam!

The Carolina Panthers lost to the New Orleans Saints today and if you can’t tell from the picture above, Cam Newton is sad. The Panthers, the reigning NFC champions, are seeing their season slip away as they are currently 1-5 and have lost to some very lackluster teams. Cam also gave a very Cam-esque press conference.

If Cam isn’t the whiniest quarterback in the NFL today, I don’t know who is. This press conference, conducted after his team’s loss, is literally Cam taking his toys and going to his room. I’ve always wanted to root for Cam, but then he does things like this…and in the most ridiculous outfits. I’m gonna need Cam to toughen up. Nobody wants to see a 6’5″, 245 lbs man sulking on stage after losing a game.

Separately, I personally would like to admire Cam’s latest outfit. This is way better than his last outfit, but Cam looks like he’s been watching too much Boardwalk Empire.

The Panthers do not have the toughest schedule going forward but, given how they have been playing as of late, we shall see if a playoff appearance is in the cards for them this year.

The Browns Continue Their Winless Streak


The Cleveland Browns played the Tennessee Titans and lost. The poor Browns are now 0-6. I wish I could’ve made the bet in Vegas that the Browns would go 0-16 rather than betting that the Texans win anything because this is really looking increasingly possible. There’s really nothing to say except good luck keeping this streak up Dawg Pound! At least you will get super high draft picks, so I guess there’s that, right?

The Browns May Actually Go 0-16

And that is just sad. From what I know, going 0-16 has only been achieved once, by the Detroit Lions. I won’t go into the details because just the thought of going 0-16 should be depressing for any team. I mean, you don’t win a single game? Not one? My softball team didn’t go 0-16 and we were terrible. The Browns got spanked by the Patriots on Sunday and it was inevitable.  Tom Brady and the majority of the Patriots cast of characters were back, but geez.

At this point I have to wonder who did the Browns piss off? Did someone piss off a witch? Why has every season for damn near the last 20 years been terrible for this team? The Browns are 0-5 now.  They haven’t won a single game. A lot of this has to do with dumb decision making by the front office and bad luck. Let’s discuss the quarterback, since this is the Brown’s most major problem. The Brown’s decided to trade for glass man RGIII instead of taking Carson Wentz in the first round of this year’s draft. RGIII, of course, got injured and was knocked out for the rest of the season in the first game of the season. As karma would dictate, the Browns were playing the Eagles during this game, where Carson Wentz showed the Browns what a dumb decision they made.  Now I understand that RGIII was really good in 2012, but 2012 was 4 years ago and he hasn’t done anything since. The fact that he was benched for Kirk Cousins in DC should have shown the Browns all they needed to know about him. On top of that, his injury was so dumb:

Apparently RG3 was too focused on meeting college students on Instagram to study videos on how to slide and protect yourself, but that is a topic I will discuss in a separate post. Since his injury, the Browns have gone through four more quarterbacks, which is just pathetic. Given their quarterback dilemma and upcoming schedule, I do not see how the Browns win a single game. They may have a chance against the Titans, but the Titans just beat the Dolphins badly, so that may be wishful thinking.

There’s really not much to say about their game against the Patriots on Sunday except that apparently someone in the universe decided that Browns fans literally deserve nothing good in life.