The Browns Are Officially Eliminated from Making the Playoffs


The Cleveland Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday 24-9 and now fall to 0-11 this season. It is hard to believe that a team that hasn’t won a game this season still had a chance of making the playoffs, but they did and now it’s gone. This game was an utterly pathetic performance by the Browns. The Browns were terrible in every facet of the game. There was the usual bad quarterback play by Josh McCown and Cody Kessler. The offense overall, other than wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, was just offensive. Going into the game, the Steelers were last in the NFL with just 13 sacks through nine games, but they managed to sack the Browns’ quarterbacks eight times on Sunday. The offensive line didn’t even look like it was on the field. The defense looked like they were trying in the beginning, but then everything fell apart. Things are looking so bad for the Browns that players are speaking out against the team’s front office and their decision making. Terrelle Pryor and offensive lineman Joe Thomas suggested to reporters that they talk to management to figure out how to fix the Browns and called management out for letting go of good guys.

I have been predicting that the Browns would go 0-16 since the Browns were 0-5 and we are one step closer to that sad fate.

Bill Belichick is the Pettiest Coach in the NFL

Let me start this by saying I cannot stand the Patriots. If I could kick one team into the sea, it would be the Patriots. If I got the chance to kick two, the Cowboys would be next. Part of the reason why I hate the Patriots is because I legitimately believe they are cheaters, but the other reason is Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick is so damn petty. His level of petty transcends all other levels of petty. The Browns played the Ravens Thursday night and surprise surprise, they lost. The Browns are 0-10 now, which is a record for which there are no words. But the one story I found interesting is the story of linebacker Jamie Collins. The Patriots acquired Collins in the 2013 draft as a second round pick. Last season, he led the team with tackles, forced fumbles and was generally a playmaker. Many coaches considered him to be the best defensive player for the Patriots, but that did not stop Bill Belichick and the Patriots front office from trading Collins away to the woeful Browns for a compensatory third round pick. First, trading Collins away to the Browns is just terrible in general, but then you only get a compensatory third round pick? There are a number of rumors swirling about why Collins was traded. Allegedly his production on the field decreased, he clashed with coaches and he demanded too much money as his contract was ending. Whatever the case and whatever happened, the Patriots were clearly sending a message. No one is safe on that team, except for maybe Tom Brady. Collins played his first game for the winless Browns on Thursday and my heart honestly went out to him. You go from the Patriots to the Browns? A super bowl contender to the only winless team in the NFL? And you have no control over it. Bill Belichick is truly the definition of petty, but maybe being petty is what is required to be a successful NFL franchise because the Patriots always win.


The Browns STILL Haven’t Won A Game

The Browns lost to the Cowboys on Sunday and are now 0-9. I just can not with the Browns. The Browns are legitimately the definition of pathetic in the NFL. I don’t want the Browns to go 0-16 because that just seems terrible; but I kind of want the Browns to go 0-16 to say “I told you so” and win $1 in a bet I have going on (not that I need the dollar, it’s just the principle of the matter).

The Cowboys put up 35 points on the Browns and, for some reason, the Browns never figured out that Cowboys’ tight end Jason Witten was on the field. The Browns let old man Witten run all over them for touchdowns and yards after the catch. I mean, the man is 34 years old. That may not be old in life, but that is old in the NFL for a tight end. He’s also been playing for 13 years. The Browns couldn’t stop him at all, which is just…sad; however the quotes after the game from Browns players were sadder:

“We’re not going 0-16. We’re not going to go winless. We’re going to win a game,” said linebacker Chris Kirksey.

“We don’t want to be the team with no wins at the end of the season,” said cornerback Tramon Williams. “That’s the motivation.”

So there it is. The Browns are just hoping to win a single game…just one.  The Browns now have to play the Ravens, the Steelers twice, the Giants, the Bills and the Chargers. I honestly don’t see how they win a game, but we shall see.

Cam Newton Whines Again

And this time in an outfit that is more ridiculous than the last one.


The Panthers played the Cardinals last week and won, but Cam couldn’t stop himself from being dramatic in his post-game press conference. He lamented the hits he took as being “cheap shots”. He lamented the refs not throwing out penalty flags for those “cheap shots”; and like the baby he is, he whined that all of these hits were taking the fun out of the game for him.  Look, if big ass Cam can’t take a few hits, maybe he should go play golf or another gentle sport that requires little to no contact. If he wants to play football, then he needs to accept the fact that he’s going to get hit and, given his attitude last season, he is probably going to get hit a lot.

Which brings us to the more important issue: do you see the outfit this man is wearing? I really wonder where a 6’5″ 245 lbs dude found a light pink pant suit (and he added a little pink carnation to the lapel). The hat, bow tie and shoes are just the icing on the cake. I won’t lie, this outfit did put me in the Easter spirit though. I would love to meet Cam’s stylist. They are doing the most.