Why Can’t Phillip Rivers Win Anything Ever?


I know this game is not up to quarterback play solely. I get that there are tons of positions…tight ends, wide receivers, linebackers, safeties, but damn. Why can’t Phillip Rivers ever be great? I have been rooting for Phillip Rivers since forever. He just seems wonderful. Like he smells like cinnamon and spice and everything nice. He doesn’t swear, has a million kids and just seems to genuinely love the game of football. But I just cannot with him! Today the Chargers lost to the Raiders in a game I half watched because snore. The Raiders are continuing their winning streak and the Chargers are continuing into NFL oblivion.

The Chargers is that team that gives you hope, only to dash it away every single year at the last minute. They have a quarterback that is just good enough to make you feel like something is going to happen this season, but then they lose terribly and all the time. I honestly would rather be a fan of the Browns. At least they are honest.

Congratulations, James.

The Seattle Seahawks Want to Forget Sunday’s Game Against the Green Bay Packers

And so do I. My goodness was this an awful display by the Seahawks. I will just chalk this game up to a bad day and hope the team erases this embarassing performance from its memory and moves on. I wasn’t sure if the Seahawks could win this game without my favorite player, Earl Thomas III, but I didn’t think it would go THAT bad.

There are no words for how bad the offense was on Sunday. Russell Wilson threw five interceptions. FIVE! Then there was a fumble near the end of the game by a backup running back whose name I do not remember. On top of that there were tons of dropped passes and missed opportunities. I’m just happy that no one was seriously injured during this game on offense.

On defense, it was clear that Earl Thomas III is the engine that makes this unit run. Without him stalking around in the backfield, quarterbacks are able to pick apart this defense and that is exactly what Aaron Rodgers did. The defense in general looked confused throughout the game. Steven Terrell filled in for Earl, but it was very clear that he wasn’t Earl, but then again who is. Earl is by far the best safety in the NFL, the best defender on the Seahawks and the second most important player on the team behind Russell Wilson and that all became very clear on Sunday. With Earl out for the rest of the season with a broken leg, it is unclear how this defense is going to perform during the rest of the season. They should make the playoffs, but how deep they go into the playoffs, who knows.

The fate of this team this season now rests squarely on Russell Wilson’s shoulders and if he puts on a performance like he did on Sunday again, the Seahawks can probably kiss their Super Bowl hopes goodbye.

The Browns Fall to 0-13

The Browns are continuing on the express train to 0-16 this season! As expected, the Browns lost to the Bengals on Sunday 23-10.  This game wasn’t competitive, but it did see the return of RGIII, the quarterback the Redskins were happy to give away (after mortgaging the franchise to get him) and the Browns were too happy to take. Unfortunately during the first game of the season RGIII was injured on a stupid play and the Browns have been in quarterback hell ever since.

After a two month hiatus, on Sunday RGIII was finally back on the field and ready to show the NFL that he was still as dynamic as he was during his 2012 rookie season.  Unfortunately, what he showed is that after four years in the league, he still doesn’t know how to play professional football. Throughout the game, he made mistake after mistake after mistake. He read the defense wrong, he didn’t throw the ball accurately or to the open receiver, he seemed to have difficulty going through his progressions and just didn’t make good decisions in general. It is actually a miracle that the Browns scored 10 points. On the plus side he didn’t get injured, which is about the only positive thing to say about this game and his play.

The Browns plan on starting RGIII against their next game against the Buffalo Bills because why not. What do they have to lose at this point. I don’t think much will change between now and then, but who knows. Either way, if he doesn’t show some spark before the end of the season, I think we can safely assume that this will be RGIII’s last opportunity as a starting quarterback in the NFL. If he can’t lead the Browns to at least one winning game or show that he has what it takes to play the quarterback position, I see RGIII being relegated to backup hell with the likes of Christian Ponder and Brandon Weeden.

I knew the Browns weren’t going to win this game, but I was looking forward to seeing how much progress RGIII made during the past two months that he has been on the bench. Based on what he put on the field yesterday, it looks like he hasn’t learned much.

Things May Get Worse for the 49ers

I didn’t think things could get much worse for the 49ers, but if the rumors are true, they apparently can. The Rams just fired their coach, Jeff Fisher and are in desperate need of another one. Fisher tied the NFL record for most career losses by a head coach in an embarrassing 42-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, so needless to say this move was probably inevitable even if it comes at a peculiar time. Apparently the Rams have their eye on one guy to turn their franchise around, who just happens to be the same guy that turned around the 49ers before he was unceremoniously fired for reasons that make no sense.

Under Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers went from being a perennial loser to a perennial winner, making it to the NFC Championship twice and a Super Bowl. With his coaching, they became a powerhouse in the NFC West; however, Harbaugh was ousted by ownership and the general manager for allegedly not being enough of a winner, which allegedly was code talk for he didn’t along with the top brass. Since his departure two years ago, the 49ers have only won five games in 2 seasons. Their record this season is currently 1-12. Tickets to 49ers games are literally being “sold” on StubHub for free. If you see a 49ers game today, the stands look like the stands at a JV football game. Meanwhile Harbaugh went back to coach football at Michigan, his old alma mater, and turned an unranked college team into a ranked team in one year and a top three team in two. Needless to say, he’s been killing it at Michigan, while the 49ers continue to decline into the pits of NFL irrelevancy, as demonstrated by their embarassing loss to the Jets on Sunday.

Well, allegedly the Rams are planning to make a push for Harbaugh, which should make things very interesting for the 49ers since both teams play in the same division. It is unclear whether the Rams will make a push for Harbaugh and if so, if Harbaugh will take the job. He seems to be content at Michigan and he is making $5 million a year, which has to be nice. But if he is offered the job and he does take it, it will be interesting to see how these two teams match up next season. Who am I kidding, the 49ers will get killed.



The Panthers May Not Make the Playoffs, but Cam Newton’s Outfits are Still the Best

After getting blown out by the Seahawks last week, the Panthers managed to get a win over the Chargers on Sunday. The Panthers record is now 5-8 and they likely won’t make the playoffs, but that didn’t stop Cam Newton from celebrating Sunday’s win in his best outfit yet:

Just so you can get the full view of this outfit in all of its glory, here is Cam walking into the press conference and a lovely twitter comment to go along with it:

Why does Cam Newton look like he got into a fight with my grandma’s closet? I understand the need to be “different” but this? Last week Riverboat Ron (aka Ron Rivera) claimed that he benched Cam for the first drive during the game against the Seahawks for a “dress code” violation. I guess this week, since they were playing at home, there was no dress code?