The Playoffs Have Begun!

The first week of the playoffs began last weekend and I am happy to report that both of my teams, the Steelers and Seahawks made it to¬† round 2! The Steelers played the Dolphins last week and the Seahawks played the Lions. I was pretty certain the Steelers would win. The Miami Dolphins aren’t used to that Pittsburgh weather. I was more concerned about the Seahawks. The offense still isn’t really consistent and the defense doesn’t have Earl Thomas III, but luckily everything worked out.

The games this week are going to be a bit more difficult to predict. The Seahawks are playing the Falcons in Atlanta today. Matt Ryan is currently the leading passer in the league and he has tons of weapons to throw to. Even if the Seahawks manage to shut down Julio Jones, there is still Mohamed Sanu and a number of other choices. Without Earl, I am worried Ryan is going to light the Seahawks defense up. My fingers are crossed that this is not the case.

The Steelers are playing the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow. I am also worried about this game. I honestly think this could go either way. The Chiefs have been playing great on both sides of the ball and they are playing in Kansas City, so weather could be a factor. I hope I don’t lose both of my teams this week!

Also, this doesn’t involve my teams, but in my last post I predicted that Eli Manning would magically turn into a good quarterback during the playoffs…but I was wrong! The Giants lost to the Packers…badly. Eli played like regular season Eli, which is not good. The only sad thing about the Giants loss is that we will have no more Manning face this season.