The Seahawks are Officially Out of the Playoffs

Well I knew I was right to be worried about this team’s chances against the Falcons. They were simply too injured on defense to go up against the league’s current best offense. Deshawn Shead went down during the middle of the game, but the biggest loss felt was that of safety Earl Thomas III. The defense couldn’t stop anything the Falcons did on offense. Matt Ryan threw to at least 7 different receivers in one drive and nearly all of them gained yards after the ¬†catch. The Seahawks defense also managed to not intercept Matt Ryan once, which isn’t like them. Ryan passed all over the Seahawks defense. It was just sad.

On offense, it wasn’t much better. The Seahawks offensive line could not handle the Falcon’s defensive line, but that is no surprise. The Seahawks have a notoriously terrible offensive line. Russell Wilson spent most of the game scrambling to find open receivers, he was hurried on a lot of his passes and sacked at least three times. At one point rookie right guard Rees Obhiambo accidentally stepped on his quarterback when he dropped back to pass while in the Seahawks end zone and caused a safety. Obhiambo was taken out of the game after this mistake and replaced with the already injured Germain Ifedi. Needless to say, Russell didn’t have much to work with on the offensive line side. On the receiver side, the usual suspects showed up to play, such as receiver Doug Baldwin, tight end Jimmy Graham and running back Thomas Rawls. But everyone else, other than Paul Richardson, seemed like they were not around. Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse contributed virtually nothing to the game. Then on the last play of the game, tight end Luke Willson killed a drive by catching the ball, then bumbling it only to have it intercepted by the Falcons. After that it was game over. The one bright spot on offense was the connection between Russell Wilson and Paul Richardson. I really hope the Seahawks actually focus on upgrading the offensive line for next season. They keep promising to, but so far there haven’t been any visible results.

Congratulations to the Falcons.