The Texans Were Swindled

The Texans could have won their game against the Patriots if it wasn’t for their quarterback, Brock Osweiler. The Texans acquired Osweiler, a former Peyton Manning backup, in the offseason and agreed to pay him $72 million over four years. That is franchise quarterback money and Osweiler is no franchise quarterback. He has shown it time and time again, but at no time was it more apparent than during yesterday’s game against the Patriots. The Texan’s defense was excellent last night in keeping Tom Brady and the Patriots off of the field and the Texans’ offense on it. The defense harassed Tom Brady all night. They forced two interceptions from Brady who until last night, only threw one interception the entire season. They made Brady make mistakes throughout the game, which doesn’t usually happen. They made sure Osweiler got the ball back quickly, but whenever Osweiler got the ball back, he couldn’t wait to give it back to the Patriots. He threw interceptions, he threw terrible throws; in general,  he made all of the mistakes.  The Texans lost to the Patriots 16-34 thanks to Brock Osweiler.

I have no idea what Osweiler or his agent said to the Texans to make them agree to pay a man who can barely play the quarterback position $72 million (with $37 million guaranteed). His previous team, the Broncos were not too sad to see him leave last year when his contract expired, even though their own franchise quarterback was retiring. There also didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in him from other quarterback thirsty teams across the league. I believe this should have told the Texans all they needed to know about his ability.

After last night’s display, many people are calling for the Texans to cut Osweiler. They would have to pay him $37 million, but keeping him one more year would cost the team more and is that really worth it? They may want to cut their losses at this point. Separately, Osweiler cleary has a very good agent. Other players should look into hiring him.