The Cowboys Season Is Over

This weekend the Cowboys lost to the Packers 31 to 34 and I was actually sad. To my surprise, I was rooting for the Cowboys. Dak Prescott’s success this season has been special and his on the field bromance with Ezekiel Elliot is fun to watch. ┬áBut seriously, this was probably the best game during the playoffs so far. Going into the second quarter, the Cowboys were down 21 to 3. Aaron Rodgers was gleeful and the Packers were beginning to celebrate on the sideline. Then in the final quarter the Cowboys scored successive touchdowns and a 2-point conversion to tie the game 28-28. The Packers then took possession and Aaron Rodgers led the Packers down the field where they scored a field goal. The Cowboys then answered with a field goal of their own after Dak Prescott led a great drive down the field; however, the Cowboys left 35 seconds on the clock, which was more than enough time for Rodgers to lead his team again and seal the win with another field goal.

I blame this Cowboys loss on bad play calling by Jason Garrett and his coaches. During the Cowboys last drive, Prescott was instructed to spike the ball instead of running more time off of the clock. I suppose the Cowboys thought 35 seconds couldn’t possibly be enough time for Rodgers to engineer a drive that could seal the game, but they clearly didn’t appreciate who they were dealing with. Even though the Cowboys’ season ended, they have lots to be happy about. They likely found their franchise quarterback and they have a stellar running back and both are rookies, so they should be able to contribute to the team for a long time. I hope not, but I expect the Cowboys will have another great season next year.