The Indianapolis Colts played the Denver Broncos on Sunday and Andrew Luck was out there doing Andrew Luck things once again. For the first three quarters, he wasn’t the worst, but he wasn’t good and he definitely didn’t look like a player worth his salary ($122,970,000 over 5 years with $87,000,000 guaranteed). Then came the fourth quarter where he completely bombed. He threw a pick-six and had a strip sack fumble, caused by none other than Von Miller, that was returned for a touchdown. Chuck Pagano has always seemed frustrated with Luck’s inability to protect the ball and he made some poor decisions with the ball on Sunday that Pagano uncharacteristically called Luck out on during his post-game press conference.  In addition to not protecting the ball, Luck was pretty inaccurate all night, which was very different from his performance the week before. I understand why the Colts overpaid Luck this offseason. Good quarterbacks are hard to come by (just ask the Browns, Jets, Jaguars, Bears, Texans, 49ers, etc.) and Luck has tremendous upside. When he’s good, he’s really really good, but he’s so damn inconsistent. It has to be frustrating for coach Pagano and that showed this Sunday.

There’s really not much to say about the Colts defense. They weren’t very good, but at the same time, they are nursing quite a few injuries. The Broncos defense was as stifling as it was last season. Trevor Siemian was oooook, but your job is made a lot easier when you have the quarterback on the other team giving you 14 points. As of now, I do not see the Colts doing much this season, but it is really too early to tell.

Additional Notes:

Von Miller is worth every penny the Broncos paid him this off-season.

Seahawks are Off to Another Slow Start to Another Season

This game actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be given Russell Wilson’s injury and the Seahawks offensive line going against the Rams defense. I honestly just didn’t want him to die or get knocked out for the season, so I guess I can thank God for small miracles. However, this is the second time the team didn’t score a touchdown and this time it was against a team that got torched by the Blaine Gabbert led 49ers a week before (the game where the Rams also failed to score a single point).

There really isn’t much to say about this game because it resembled the Seahawks outing against the Dolphins. The offensive line was terrible. Gimpy Russell Wilson was struggling to dodge defenders and there was absolutely no run blocking. Thomas Rawls went nowhere the entire game. On the defensive side, the Seahawks played well, as usual, although they did let Case Keenum move the ball quite a bit. For some reason, Case Keenum is now 2 for 2 against the Seahawks, which is inexplicable, but here we are.

Overall this game was boring. There were no touchdowns, a few field goals and a bunch of punts. After the Rams showing against the 49ers, I really didn’t expect them to win this game, but again here we are. We shall see what the season holds for both of these teams.

Additional Notes:

The Seahawks offense clearly relies too much on Russell’s mobility. Even when he wants to get the ball out quickly, he doesn’t usually have open receivers to get the ball to.

I’m sure Tom Cable is a nice guy, but the team may want to look into a personnel change at offensive line coach. They can’t block, they can’t protect and the entire game they just looked flat out confused.

The Rams continuing to start Case Keenum makes me wonder what is going on with Jared Goff.

The Rams defense seemed more disciplined this game as compared to their last game, where they acted like a bunch of fools.

All of the teams in the NFC West are now 1 and 1. This should be an interesting division to watch this season.

Sunday is Back to Being My Favorite Day

I love Sunday during football season because there are so many games and I have Sunday Ticket (which, while expensive, is totally worth it). There were some pretty good games this past Sunday. We had the Saints vs. the Raiders, the Chargers vs. the Chiefs, the Bills vs. the Ravens and, of course, the Patriots vs. the Cardinals. I would mention the Vikings vs. the Titans because I love Marcus Mariota and am interested to see what Sam Bradford will do in Minnesota, but Bradford didn’t play and overall the game wasn’t that interesting. We shall see what Bradford will do against the Packers next game.

Let’s start with the Saints vs. the Raiders. This game was interesting for two reasons. First, everyone thinks the Raiders are really going to do something special this season. They have beefed up on defense and Derek Carr is pretty good. However, this game really showed me that Drew Brees is still amazing and the Saints are supremely lucky to have him. The last drive he led prior to losing due to a missed field goal was masterful. He is so accurate and gets the ball out so fast, it has to frustrate defenses. This also showed me that, despite Rob Ryan’s departure, the Saints still have a Rob Ryan defense, which is not a good thing. The Saints should probably work on defense. I hope the Saints can get it together because New Orleans is such a fabulous city and wonderful sports town.

The Bills vs. Ravens game was interesting because now we see the Ryan brothers together coaching the Bills (Rex and Rob). If the addition of Rob Ryan isn’t nepotism, I don’t know what is because his track record in New Orleans does not seem to qualify him for the job, but I digress. I really wanted the Bills to win this game mostly because, as a Steelers fan, I loathe the Ravens, but also because the Bills deserve something good for once and they seemingly have all the pieces in place. They have a decent quarterback they can continue to develop, they have a good defense and they have a decent running game. Lesean McCoy seems like he might be alright this season. But unfortunately, the Bills have Rex Ryan as a coach. Rex Ryan is the Donald Trump of coaches. He talks a big game and a whole lot, but seems to know nothing. After losing four Super Bowls in a row, the Bills haven’t been back to the playoffs in over a decade and I highly doubt the Ryan brothers will lead them there. Buffalo is cold…the people deserve at least a playoff appearance.

I mention the Chargers vs. the Chiefs because I have no idea how the Chargers lost this game. They were up 27-3, then all of a sudden they were tied, then all of a sudden they lost. The Chiefs pulled off their largest comeback in team history. I don’t know what this means for the Chargers, but I bet Phillip Rivers was somewhere swearing to himself without cursing after the game.

I will have to write about the Patriots vs. the Cardinals in a separate post, but I will say, I am sad the Cardinals lost this game. Not only because I can’t stand the Patriots, but because I want to see Larry Fitzgerald win. Larry Fitzgerald is a wide receiver for the Cardinals and he’s extremely talented. Fitzgerald has also announced that this will be his last year. It’s sad seeing very talented guys in the NFL never win.

Additional Notes:

Jameis Winston seemed sharp against the Falcons and the Falcons defense seemed to forget how to tackle.

The Raiders coach has some serious balls going for a 2 point conversion when they could have tied the game with a kick.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens defense look great, which pisses me off.

Tyrod Taylor has clearly been watching film on Russell Wilson. Also, Taylor and Flacco exchanging jerseys was adorable.

The Cowboys lost…yay!

I need the Texans to keep up their winning streak. I’m trying to win some money in Vegas.


The Indianapolis Colts played the Detroit Lions on Sunday and, surprisingly, Andrew Luck did not throw an interception! I legitimately like Andrew Luck so I am actually happy about this development, but if he keeps this up, I may need to change the name of this website. Sadly, despite his last minute heroics and overall general good play, the Colts lost to the Lions, who didn’t have Calvin Johnson, since he’s retired and working on his dance skills on Dancing with the Stars, and is quarterbacked by Matthew Stafford. I like Matthew Stafford, but if I were the Colts quarterbacked by Andrew Luck and I lost to Matthew Stafford, I would ask myself what am I doing wrong? I don’t know if this means the Lions really may be above average this season or if the Colts are still kind of terrible, but I’m just saying. I would ask the question.

Additional Notes:

My sister suggested that I name this post “The Neckbeard Returns/Return of the Neckbeard.” That was an awesome idea.

The Seahawks are Blessed by God


There is no other explanation for why they won their season opener against the Miami Dolphins. The Seahawks literally had one job this offseason…to fix their offensive line. The Seahawks have been able to ignore their offensive line since Russell Wilson became their starting quarterback. This is because Russell Wilson is hard to catch and slippery like a eel. Russell Wilson should have been sacked so many more times than he has been, which is saying a lot about Wilson, because he has been sacked a lot. However, based on the Seahawks’ performance on Sunday, it appears that once again Wilson is behind a line of cardboard box cutouts of offensive linemen and this time may have finally paid the price. During one play, he was caught and his ankle stepped on (surprisingly inadvertently) by Ndamukong Suh. He was gimpy for the rest of the game and never quite played like himself. However, since the Seahawks are blessed by God, the ball always bounced their way. The Dolphins missed field goals, Ryan Tannehill could only find the end zone once and there were tons of dropped passes. One pass to Kenny Stills was so perfect it was almost like Tannehill walked it over and handed it to him, and he still dropped it. I actually felt bad for Tannehill on that play because it is clear he has been working on his accuracy in the offseason. Throwing a perfectly accurate deep ball has never really been his strength and to have it dropped when, if it would have been caught would have been a guaranteed touchdown, has to be disappointing. I see why the Saints traded Kenny Stills.

Even though the Seahawks are clearly blessed by God, credit has to be given to their defense, which looks excellent this year. The new additions to the team seem to be fitting in and working out nicely. Cassius Marsh had an amazing game and DeShawn Shead seems to be the solution the team has been looking for at cornerback across from Richard Sherman.

Credit also must be given to Russell Wilson. I do not believe Russell’s middle name is Carrington; the “C” has to stand for Clutch. After starting slow and getting stepped on by 305 lbs of Suh, Russell, playing on one leg, led the Seahawks to a fantastic comeback late in the fourth quarter.  This shows what I have always thought, which is you cannot make up for toughness. That man is tough and doesn’t quit. I think the Dolphins defense thought they had him after he became gimpy. You saw players grabbing for his ankles when they went for sacks, but nope. You can never count Russell out.

This brings me to an issue I have had with the Seahawks since I began to really follow them. Why do they have to make everything so difficult? Why can’t they just have a blowout win and move on? This game should have been a walk in the park for a team that plays some of the fiercest teams in the league every year, but they always have to turn games into a nail biter. The final score was 12-10, but it easily could have been 12-20 Dolphins. I like this team because they are interesting, incredibly talented and have my favorite player, Earl Thomas III, but man. You can’t almost lose to Ryan Tannehill. That is no way to start the season.

Additional Notes:

Cassius Marsh is a beast that Jakeem Grant doesn’t want to meet again. That play on special teams was just mean. Marsh essentially told Grant, nope, you do not pass GO, you do not collect $200.

Ryan Tannehill seeming shocked at the noise level at CenturyLink field was confusing. Him trying to shush the crowd was also confusing.

The Dolphins defense may actually be the real thing this year.

Russell needs to stop being greedy. His interception was downright inexplicable.

Arian Foster still got it.

Russell and Doug Baldwin still seem connected. Now they need to make real use of Jimmy Graham.

Bradley Sowell needs to get it together.




Football Is Back!

This website is starting a bit late partially because this season of Hard Knocks was boring as hell. I planned to start writing by following the series, but the material just wasn’t there. I like Jeff Fisher…he seems like a well meaning guy, but watching his team was like watching paint dry. They also had an episode where part of it was actually watching paint dry…on the field. While this season of Hard Knocks was boring overall, there were a few notable characters:

William Hayes:

I’m sure a lot has been written about William Hayes at this point, but William Hayes was definitely the breakout star of this season. William Hayes believes in mermaids, but not dinosaurs. His reason for not believing in dinosaurs is because no person, to his knowledge, has ever seen one. He was taken to a museum with fossils and whatnot to prove to him that dinosaurs existed. Unfortunately, the museum actually looked like it was terrible and William was not convinced. Being a New Yorker, I have to believe that if William was taken to the Museum of Natural History, he might have changed his mind, but I digress. William has never seen a dinosaur, there are no real pictures of dinosaurs, therefore, dinosaurs never existed…but William believes in mermaids. Now, I have never seen a mermaid and I highly doubt William has ever seen a mermaid. I would actually be hard pressed to find anyone who can say they have seen a mermaid, other than Ariel, the Little Mermaid, but according to William mermaids most definitely exist. William Hayes is a great football player, but when his career in the NFL is over, he may want to consider going on to one of the many nature shows out now. Planet Earth seems like a clear winner to me. He will really see some shit that blows his mind.

Eric Kush:

Eric Kush wasn’t really interesting, but he was sweet and funny. He also seemed like the only one on the show that was truly appreciative to be in LA. Eric loves tank tops and could literally wear them all year round if the Rams picked him up. Sadly they didn’t; however, I was happy to see that another team did because he seemed to genuinely love football and love playing it. However the team that got him was the Chicago Bears, which I think has to be a conundrum for Eric. No offense to anyone in these organizations, but both of these teams are the definition of average. Neither has a real quarterback, neither usually makes the playoffs, but they always play just well enough to not get a super high draft pick. If Eric’s focus was on winning, he won’t do that in LA or Chicago, but at least in LA he could wear his tank tops. Chicago is too cold for all that.

Austin Hill:

Austin Hill himself was not super interesting, but his family was so adorable! His girlfriend was super sweet and his daughter was the cutest and also the most mischievous. On the last episode, they were all playing a game and she was caught cheating red handed. The best part about it was her attempted cover-up. She saw her card, knew the answer, but asked fake questions to hide her mischief. That child is smart and spirited and who doesn’t love a smart and spirited child. I looked up Austin and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any one has picked him up, but hopefully someone will. He previously bounced around a few teams and genuinely seemed let down that he didn’t make the roster or the practice squad. He seems like a good guy and who doesn’t want to see a good guy win.

Lamarcus Joyner:

Which brings us to Lamarcus Joyner. Lamarcus Joyner is a cornerback for the Rams. How he made the team is beyond me for various reasons. First, Lamarcus is small. At 5’8″ 194 lbs, I can’t see how he’s going to succeed when all of the receivers and tight ends in the league are getting bigger and bigger, but Jeff Fisher knows better than me. Second, Lamarcus seems like kind of an asshole. In the last two episodes, Lamarcus had two different temper tantrums. The first was because he didn’t get any reps on that day. The second was because he was still pissed about not getting any reps on the previous day. He sat out from practice the first time and just plain didn’t show up to practice the second time. Jeff Fisher called him into his office, which I thought was because he wanted to fire him. But no. Lamarcus essentially ranted about how he doesn’t need this job or his $1.2 million dollar annual salary and he could go get a job at Walmart if he wanted to (this man really said Walmart) because he wasn’t playing for the money. He was playing for the love of the game. He then went on to essentially say, if the Rams didn’t make him a starter, he would quit. Now, I find this problematic and disrespectful for a few reasons. First, there are men clawing and fighting to make it on this team and not just on the active roster, but also just on the practice squad. The part I hate to watch on Hard Knocks is the cuts, because it’s clear these men are really disappointed. Lamarcus is blessed to even have a chance in the league and to treat the opportunity in such a cavalier fashion really bothered me. Also, if the reason you are acting like a whiny baby is because you love the game, you want to play and you aren’t sure you’re going to be a starter, then why would you say that you are happy to go work at Walmart? If I were Jeff Fisher, I would’ve said, OK, good luck at Walmart bitch. But I am not Jeff Fisher and Jeff Fisher is more zen than me. Jeff Fisher seems like a good coach, but I don’t think he handled this situation well. The level of insubordination Lamarcus showed seemed reason enough to me to be fired. That level of insubordination is unacceptable no matter how good you are at your job and it remains to be seen how good Lamarcus actually is. I wish I would tell my boss to essentially screw herself and not show up to work. I would be gone so quick and I’m actually good at my job. Also, what sort of message does keeping Lamarcus send to your other players? I looked up Lamarcus as well and it seems that working at Walmart was not going to fly with his momma.

Additional Notes:

The Rams facilities look like shit

Watching how this move affects the team will be interesting

Jeff Fisher is the most kind and gentle coach I have ever seen

I hope this average Hard Knocks season isn’t foreshadowing the Rams potential average 8 and 8 season.